Mr. Araya has over 20 years of successful local and international experience and has served as a staff member and consultant for various organizations and multilateral development cooperation agencies that deal with Sustainability Management and Business Innovation of products and services with social and environmental attributes. Among his main areas of performance and action are (i) strategy, plan and policy improvement; (ii) Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) as an instrument for strengthening countries’ development through successful value chains (eg. manufacturing); and (iii) Production and competitiveness. 

The game of circularity

The intention with the following Blog & news section is to share ideas and knowledge on environmental strategy on how to transform efforts to improve not only eco-effectiveness but also efficiency in business steadily!
You will also find enclosed some lessons learned, findings and outcomes with general info/data regarding a few collaborative initiatives of innovation that might be of your interest as platform, methodology and supporting case studies, which has been carried out in the Americas since year 2001 as a custom-made solution to implement a transition path to achieve a Circular Economy framework approach.
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